D O N   S T I N S O N

Don Stinson is known for panoramic oil paintings that explore the physical and cultural geographies of the West. His work examines the dynamic elemental and creative forces that continue to shape this contested terrain. Stinson received his B.F.A. from Colorado State University and his M.F.A. from Tufts University/School of Fine Arts in Boston. He was the recipient of Colorado Council on the Arts Director's Grant and his work is placed in the collections of the Phoenix Art Museum, the Denver Art Museum and the Art in Embassies Program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has been featured both in extensive solo and group exhibitions in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Texas, with prominent showings at The Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, The Phoenix Art Museum, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, Wyoming, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver and Artist Space, New York. Don's work has been featured in the New York Times and Time magazine. He lives and works in Evergreen, Colorado.

Stinson is drawn to the elements of earth, air, fire, and water as shaped by human-made structures within the landscape. Painting subjects such as the ice park in Ouray, Colorado, a bonfire on the Black Rock Desert during the Burning Man festival, a wind farm on the Llano Estacado northwest of Abilene, Texas, a wild horse round up conducted from the air along a highway south of Marfa, Texas, compels Stinson. Each subject supplies Don with a picture of culture and elemental nature joined together within the West's sublime landscape. The artist's vision of this marriage leaves room to imagine that a successful union is within reach, if sometimes residing just beyond our attempts. Don Stinson's encompassing views reveal much about shared myths of the West, notions of progress, individual creativity, and of our own beautiful, if often deeply flawed, nature.

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UPDATED: 09-26-2013